Sadhu Vaswani College

Sadhuvaswani Alumni

Sadhu Vaswani (Autonomous) PG. College is the very Autonomous Govt. Aided college in the city of Bhopal established in 1979. Over its multi-dimensional history, it has served educational needs of the city, state, country and contributed to the growth and development of a wide variety of citizens.

Alumni testimonials

The positive relation between alumni and its aluma mater plays an important role in an institution’s advancement activities for several reasons. Alumni are institution’s must loyal supporters and brand ambassadors. They generate invaluable word-of-mouth marketing among different social and professional networks. An institution can continue to benefit from skills and experience of alumni. They are great role models for current batch of students and are often well placed to offer practical support and guidance to students on career and professional growth. Alumni represent them institution’s at various fronts. The alumni of AIP regularly help current batches of students by providing career advice, mentoring, placements, internships and professional network.


  • To encourage, foster and promote close relations between the organization and alumni.
  • To arrange alumni meet that provides platform to the old students to reunite and relive the memories during their stay in the institute.
  • To provide a platform for exchange of ideas in academic, cultural, social issues which will be helpful in career enhancement of present students.
  • Every year when college organizes welcome party for new entrants, Alumni’s are invited to share their experience with them.

Alumni Committee


Name  Of  Committee Members



Dr. Yogendra Yati(Convener)

Computer Science & Application


Dr. Praveen Shrivastava (Member)

Computer Science & Application


Mrs. Meena Khiyani (Member)



Mrs. Pooja Agrawal (Member)

Computer Science & Application


Mrs. Shweta Rahangdale (Member)



Ku. Megha Shrivastava (Member)



Mrs. Neelam Khatwani (Member)